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Copyright v. Right to Copy

Posted by direwolff on October 14, 2004

(Quick Note: I wrote this during the forum on Tues. 10/12/04, but have been struggling between using Blogger or Typepad, so it took a while to get this up during this indecision. I’m opting for Blogger as I don’t know how much I’m actually going to be able to write and it seems ludicrous to pay for it until it makes more sense. For now, this is my blog home and I like it :-)

So here I am at the Churchill Club’s forum on Intellectual Property and artists’ rights in the world of technology. There’s been a networking & drinking hour but just couldn’t get my head around more than a quiet glass of wine and no real mingling. Somehow, w/o a purpose I just find meeting people for the hell of it kind of tough. Just not big on small talk. Hell, it’s tough enough for me to keep up and be a respectable friend to those I already know, much less pile lots of new people on ;-)

So finally, dinner got served in the main hall & we could go in and file for the buffet. Yippee, I was starvin’!!! :-). So sure enough I was one of the 1st 4 people in followed closely by two hip younger guys fm some company named Mr. Lexicon (cool name, wonder what they do?). Quickly got to one of the tables and dove in to my plate w/reckless abandon…a virtuoso of the fork & knife indeed :-). What a sight I must have made…

So here I was focused on my food and some promo membership info fm the Churchill Club, minding my own business when who came to sit at my table…one of tonight’s speakers, Thomas Dolby, you know the guy, “She blinded me with science doo-doo-doo” :-). He’s bald now you know. He was w/ a nice enough guy chattin’. They seemed like friends who were catching up. A couple of women who knew Thomas’..or Dolby’s.. or Mr. Dolby’s (I don’t know, whaddya call a musical legend? ;-) friend, made the bee-line to the table and while I thought it was for me, it ended up being for Dolby’s buddy…well maybe but their eyes were glued on Master Dolby ;-)

Dolby’s friend suggested the ladies join the table and so, they quickly gathered their stuff and moved fm their reserved seats at the head table to join us at the ghetto table at the back…you gotta love the perks of celebrity…or just being around it ;-) One of the them was the exec director I believe, and co-Host of the event, The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

Got my $0.02 conversation in w/Dolby… “hello, remember when we met in NY?”…”Ah, yeah sure dude”…actually Dolby was super cool and remebered one of my mentors. Backed off quickly so as not to come across as an over eager fan ;-). We resumed the conversation after a bit and it appears that for the past 2 yrs he’s been running a ring tones biz that’s profitable and employs 18 people w/no fixed office, 100% virtual, called Retro Rentals. How cool is that?!

OK, that’s it for now, things are about to get started, I’ll write more about this when I get home to my computer…


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