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WalMart is truly evil

Posted by direwolff on October 21, 2004

While I consider the term 'evil' to be very subjective, and a relative term, tonight on "The Daily Show with John Stewart", Stewart mentioned that WalMart was building a store next to some ruins in Mexico, and in Hawaii they unearthed 4 corpses from an ancient burial ground during the building of their store there. Now that's evil. How insane is that?…but it comes as a direct result of having allowed the rights of individuals to get subjugated to those of corporations. Sad indeed.

If you ever get the chance and want to learn more about how our rights came to take second place to corporations', read Thom Mann's "Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights". It's a well written book with the appropriate historical and bibliographical references. It really takes a hard and thorough look at the history of corporations in the United States. It was tough to put it down.

All this to bring me back to the fact that the permissiveness that corporations have been given by laws that were influenced by them in our country, has now put them in a position violate inherent human rights legally, not just in the United States but abroad as well. While I consider myself a capitalist, that's not the system we're playing under today and that's got to change.


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