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It’s good to be Oprah

Posted by direwolff on October 25, 2004

This past Sunday had a chance to go see the movie "Team America: World Police". To say that there wasn't a dry eye in the house is an understatement. Can't remember the last time I went to a movie where every one was laughing so hard that we missed some of the jokes. For South Park junkies, this hit a new high (for non South Park junkies they may consider this a new low.

Before the movie started however, during a set of ads, I think there was one from E! or Oprah's magazine, I forget, but this inspired my buddy Smelley to say that it would suck to be Oprah. Well, I reflected on this for a moment and snapped back that actually it would be good to be Oprah. My logic being that if one was Oprah, whatever you may like or not like about her, if you actually were her, you'd be pretty happy with your accomplishments, wealth, attention and so on. In other words, even if you think she's not attractive, if you were her, you'd be unattractive with lots of money, fame, and could buy and sell any guy you wanted several times over. Smelley had to agree with this logic, and while tough to swallow, it was indisputable that it was good to be Oprah. We did agree to add one caveat, that it's only good to be Oprah if you are Oprah.

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