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To snow or not to snow, that is *not* the question…

Posted by direwolff on January 7, 2005

Well let me start by finishing the "Go Packers" post with the sad truth, that while the Packers pulled off the win, el Presidente Arbusto (aka. "Shrub") still got re-elected. I bet the superstition didn't count on vote fraud to be part of the equation. Anyway, I can only now hope that his growing arrogance will reach the fevered pitch where even those from the "red" states will realize that our Presidential administration over the past four years has perpetrated terrible crimes against people in our country and abroad. Can you say 100,000 Iraqis killed?!…and for what? Can you say "trust"?…bet you can't any more…I can't.

Now, on to living my hypocritical life…so here it is another Friday night checking the current weather conditions and forecast every 10 minutes in eager anticipation of the day-trip I'm planning to make tomorrow at 5:30am. Yep, Lake Tahoe is getting nailed with several feet of snow for the second time over the past 7 days.

Last weekend, New Year's, I had flown back from New York early so as to catch a weekend of "soft & fluffy" powder in the Sierras. Visions of cruising down steep tree runs on my Ride Mountain 172 snowboard, kept me up like a little kid for days in anticipation. And then came the day to make the trip, Thursday 12/30, and sure enough, they closed the roads down for most of the day. Friday came with more of the same and people claiming 9+ hours to get from San Francisco to Tahoe. It was sad indeed. By Saturday, with so many people having hussled or languised for days getting up there, it just wasn't worth making the trip any longer. Good thing I didn't let my bullishness get the better of me, as apparently it took people 11 hours to make it back from the west shore of Lake Tahoe to SF.

Well, with that background, it's 10:15pm, a good buddy from New York (now living in LA), Big Daddy Gee, is arriving from Lost Wages where he attended the CES and will hopefully update me on all of the latest electronic toys and gadgets to watch for in 2005. He's got his snowboard with him and is ready to throw down in the major pow we hope to experience tomorrow. This is real "hard man" stuff, as we're only planning to be there for the day so we're back in time for my buddy KC's 40th birthday party at Club Deluxe in the Haight. The Plain High Drifters should be jammin' on some great honky-tonk tunes and merriment will be had by all. Hopefully, I won't get stuck up in Tahoe and be forced to ride a 2nd day of several feet of pow!

No bad alternatives here, just gotta make it up there tomorrow…oh yeah, and cheers and positive vibes out to the NY Jets tomorrow night :-)

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