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J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!!!???

Posted by direwolff on January 10, 2005

This had to be the most lackluster win I've seen all season by the Jets. What happened? It feels like every time their moving down field that their plan is to get within field goal range, regardless of the situation. By the end of the game, I actually wanted them to loose…how sad is that? More to the issue of teaching Herm a lesson, that you gotta "play to win" as he so emphatically put it after a stupid reporter question at the beginning of the season.

Anyway, I think the end is near, as I just don't see this team beating the Steelers, and much less the Patsies or the Colts if ever got that far. It was strange because it's the first time that the team I'm rooting for won and I remained as stoic as when my team looses. Weird.

Should be some interesting playoffs with a great playoff calibre game coming up in that Colts-Patsies confrontation. Jets-Stillerz game should be more of an expected outcome. On the NFC, well frankly, who cares. OK, ok, maybe we'd like to see Philadelphia as the sentimental favorite who makes it into the Superbowl and gets dismantle by the Stillerz or the Colts. Only with the Patsies as the AFC team would I be forced to seek solice in an NFC winner (apologies to all my friends who are Patsies fans, but I really dislike that team…two Superbowls are enough for this team).

…and now, back to the grind…

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