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NY Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers…man, am I torn :-(

Posted by direwolff on January 14, 2005

Though I haven't officially lived in NYC since May of '95, and that was for a year, having lived away before that for nearly 11 years, I'm still a devoted Jets fan. Through ugly seasons and uglier ones, I've always stood behind them as a supportive fan. During that 11 year hiatus where I'd only make it back to NYC to visit family, I was living in Pittsburgh, PA during the Steelers' worse years, probably ever. But the community of people in Pittsburgh is awesome and really know how to support their local franchise. It was infectuous to be there and want to be a Steeler fan despite how badly the team was playing. I'm reminded of how outsiders describe Packer fans. I guess in those cold towns, the warmth generated by the love of their team and the community that ensues from that, really makes it a tough thing to fight, and to not want to be a part of.

Hence, I was assimilated into the Borg that was the Pittsburgh Steelers fandom :-)…and I liked it! No one can ever acuse me of being a "fair weather" fan, as I was never there during their glory years. Even with the hope that Kordell Stewart brought, their performance overall was still often dismal at best. But I stood by them. Still had that special place in my heart for the Jets, but so long as the teams didn't play each other, I was safe in the knowledge that I was as much of a Stillerz fan as the next guy :-)

Well, the sugar plum fairy tale is now bursting. These two teams now meet in the AFC quarter-final match-up this weekend and I'm all broken up about it. A therapist would have a field day with the schizophrenia I'm going through right now. Of course, the Jets franchise has helped ween me from their likes by such actions as moving into Giants Stadium and playing in New Jersey. That alone was reason enough to disavow the team entirely. But still, childhood respect is tough to just drop. As of late however, they've played like every possession is to set themselves up for a field goal, not a touchdown. That has been very frustrating to watch.

With that said, I'm going to probably be rooting for both teams to make nice plays so that at least the game will be well fought and enjoyable. My intuition however, says that the way the Jets are playing, it's the Stillerz that will take it in a commanding way. I guess on the bright side of things, this game is a no loose situation for me…"yeah, that's the ticket"… :-)

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