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Innovation is all around us…

Posted by direwolff on January 21, 2005

…we just have to have our eyes open and be willing to see it.

It's funny, as this statement is probably common sense to any one reading it, and though it was for me too, I had to rediscover this today. While reviewing some of the members of an insiders' tribe on Tribe, I discovered that one of our developers who doesn't sit too far away from me, and who's profile I decided to check out, E-Nel is really into House music. So much so that on his profile he provides a link to a site he and a buddy created and run called It's a totally jamming site for those in the deep underground house scene to put up their work. His visitor and contributor numbers have steadily increased and the growth is purely organic. Both E-Nel and his partner for this site have day jobs, but still find time to tinker and and proof the content and also mix at some clubs in the Sacramento area at night.

What jazzed me so about seeing this site was not just my own proclivities towards house music, but the fact that I had just stumbled serendipituously on this. The idea that yet another member of our team with the dream and the fire of his passion, was driven to develop this, is AWESOME! That's what it's all about. That's what the power of the Internet and the innovation it inspires is all about and why I got into this game back over 10 years ago.

Craig Newmark of CraigsList didn't set out to build a huge biz and get rich. Jerry Yang and David Filo didn't start Yahoo! with visions of grandeur in their eyes. All of those tireless souls that are writing open source software also aren't driven by the almighty dollar. The commonality in all of them is that they started something that they thought was useful for them or someone else independently of anything else. The fact that these things have been turned into money making businesses is more of an ex-post rationalization for justifying them rather than what any of these innovators were thinking when they started them.

In speaking with E-Nel, I was throwing statements out like, "you could leverage this for that" and "what's your traffic like", but that's not what where his head was. Screw that business talk, for him it was all about the music and creating a place where others like him could post their stuff easily and share it with others. It was about community and doing something for them as his contribution based on his skills and ability to run such a service. Great!

I like to think of folks like E-Nel as being the Accidental Innovators. It's a pure descriptor that talks directly to the passion of the innovator who isn't really trying to innovate…if this makes any sense. Their motives are pure, idealistic, without the need for financial or expansion justifications. It just is. Sounds very "Power of Now"ish, but so be it. It's a good thing.

Anyway, if anyone who reads this is into house music, this site rocks. Again, it's and it's worth checking out.


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