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An awesome posting by John Perry Barlow

Posted by direwolff on January 25, 2005

Tonight I decided to surf through some blogs I like to keep up with but have been neglecting as of late due to my current work schedule. The closer I got to reading John Perry Barlow's "Barlowfriendz" blog the more I began to get excited like a little kid about to get some candy. Something about Barlow's expressions and how he writes, that inspires wonderful images inside my head and delivers an instant feeling of jubilation deep within me. Today's post lived up to my expectation and was as fascinating and insightful as always. It's just great when people like him see the big picture from the thousands of little pictures all around us, and can deliver that clear translation for the rest of us. With that said, anything that I could come up with tonight would pale next to John's recent experience, so instead I'll leave my blog tonight with a link to his post titled "The Intimate Planet", and the words, "thanks John for another awesome post".

Reading John's post on the heels of Jerry Michalski's Sociate post titled "Reposting Michael Schrage's great essay" is gonna keep me up all night…again :-)

The common thread in these and so many successful stories I have been hearing about the past few months, is the importance of relationships and how important to understand and realize this.

Good night.


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