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Testing 1-2, 1-2…

Posted by direwolff on February 5, 2005

…testing, check-check…1-2, 1-2…

Well, here I am at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport…man, that's tough to say with a serious face with all the irony and absurdity behind this name. And the gall to call it “intercontinental”, it couldn't be called "international" like all the other airports that have flights that go to other countries.

What's more absurd here is, who flies between continents anyway? Who thinks of the world in this manner. No doubt the imperial masters of the universe currently running our country into the ground economically, socially, spiritually, environmentally, and all other “lly”s. I'm currently reading “Atlas Shrugged” and I'd say that there are some characters there that think in those terms.

If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Buckminster Fuller's map of the world you'd understand yet a deeper absurdity in the term “intercontinental”. The very territorial idea of continents and borders between lands is ludicrous. But I'll let the richness of picture tell the story. [note: I'm blogging this fm my crackberry, and will provide the link as soon as I can get to a PC.]

Looking forward to being on a plane soon, bound for a wonderful kitesurfing destination where I can leave these types of silly thoughts behind.

Que los vallan bien…


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