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Playa Copal…wow!!!

Posted by direwolff on February 6, 2005

Finally got to my destination last night, and got to see my friends Emily, Jeff and Scott’s smiling faces from the fact that they have been living on a small slice of paradise. In last night’s pitch black night you could see constellations that only the darkest of skies will reveal…but in the morning, the view of Nicaragua, the green waters, the small island suspended in the bay between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, is all too much to believe. It’s overwhelming to the senses. 30 mph winds, but it still feels warm. Incredible. Hopefully, I’ll get the picutre thing figured out because these views can only be described by seeing not writing.

Looks like we’re gonna get out kitesurfing this morning and track to a beach on that suspended island where a whale was seen a few days ago. This of course, has me breathing deep and quickly, but the excitement of getting out there is nearly overwhelming, so with this I’ll check out now and report back later.

One definitely gets a peaceful feeling out here and that’s nice :-)

***7:00pm UPDATE***

Amazing. Never have I had to wait for the winds to abait before going out. Well, I did today. Most of the morning we were experiencing 35+ mph winds right up until approx. 2:30pm when things seemed to mellow out a bit. This meant that we could go out on our 8m kites. What an amazingly scenic place to kitesurf. Saw four turtles show their heads to check out the action. The last of these caught me completely off-guard right before a swell was about to smack me from the side. Well, the results were predictable and a nice little face plant ensued to keep me humble.

The winds seemed to pick up again, so we came in for approximately 15 minutes and the got back out there for a fun session. For me, it was all about getting used to the extreme range of gusts to lulls. Jeff assured me this was more a case of some changing wind patterns, and believes tomorrow could offer us a more manageable day. Having said that, we still got in two more sessions before calling it a day at around 5:45pm just before sunset.

It’s amazing what 3 months of these extreme conditions can do for your riding. While I always thought highly of Jeff and Scott’s riding, they have moved up to another level and are really looking good out there. Jeff is easily whipping out nice board off tricks and Scotty is thowing handle passes with purpose. I was just happy to be landing my front side rolls into an under-kite transition or something like that :-) Hopefully, tomorrow will bring the first day of actually going for new tricks.


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