“Got kitesurfing on the mind, mixed with some search & classification tech, and a dab of political ranting”

Day 4: Solid breakfast to solid afternoon ride

Posted by direwolff on February 9, 2005

So the morning started out on a very happy note, with Emily cooking up an awesome fritata. One of those you gotta see it to believe it.

So we hung tight most of the morning, which gave a lot of time to make some headway on my Ayn Rand book…and with a 1000+ page book, every little moment you can get ahead on your reading helps towards the goal of seeing what happens in this totally captivating book.

It wasn’t all fun and games for all of us, Emily had some work to do lest you all think this is just a party atmosphere…

Anyway, at around 1:00pm it seemed like the winds had dropped and 10m kites were in order. Managed to get ready and pumped up in about 30 mins which was just enough time for the winds to sneak back up. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realized this in time…doh! Went out on and got worked. For those of you who understand a bit about kitesurfing, when you place the kite directly above your head it’s considered the neutral zone, which means that one should feel no real tug from the kite. Well, in this neutral zone, not only was I still getting pulled but was actually gaining speed. Did that for one or two reaches and brought the kite back in, pronto. Pumped up an 8m kite, and that was the move. From there on, it was what I’ve called before, a “butter” session…where the winds and water get together to smile upon the rider allowing everything and anything attempted in this water-wonderland to be possible.

Managed to do my first one foot off the board trick twice…OK, so it did take like 15 tries to land those two, but it was the first time so I’m pretty stoked. Scott and I managed to hang out there for 2 hours straight. Could have gone another hour but the winds started to drop off and I was concerned of an encore to yesterday’s winds where things dropped off quite a bit and required a bigger kite.

Having missed lunch, we were greeted by some nice treats when we got back…stuffed tomatoes, couscous, leftover fritata, and happy people. It was all good.

Then it was time to hang out and laugh about the day and tell our fish tales about how high we went, how sweet the water was, how awesome the winds held out, and all the stuff that makes it seem like the experience was a once in a lifetime one. Of course, they all are :-)

Another day, ends on a positive note. If the days keep coming like this one I may not make it home in one piece :-)


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