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Day 7: A day of reckoning

Posted by direwolff on February 12, 2005

Today was to be my last riding day before having to pack up and catch an early flight tomorrow morning. It started out somewhat auspiciously with northern winds clocking in at close to 40 mph…ouch! Basically, that meant we were spectating this morning. Fortunately, my trusty Atlas Shrugged just got into high gear at around page 400 and the conditions made it easy for me to focus my attention on this book instead.

Had a late lunch at around 2:00pm with the winds still showing no signs of calming, until finally around 2:30pm, when some unexplained atmospheric changes must have taken place and the winds came down to a manageable 27 to 30 mph. With this, Jeff offered me one of his 7.5m Cabrinha Nitro high aspect kites. It was just what the doctor ordered. After a smooth launch to make for yesterday’s fiasco, this became one of the best 2 hour sessions I’ve had all week…again ;-) The conditions seemed to never tire of getting better and better the whole time. The winds even began to get very steady and smooth, which made for that awesome feeling when you SEND IT!!!

Suffice it to say, by the end of the second hour, my arms put me on notice that this they would not be supporting this much fun for much longer. Still it was tough to get over the range and smoothness of every trick done in these conditions. Finally landed the kite at just around 5:15pm. As I finished however, Ken, one of Jeff’s other guests lost his board and was beginning to body drag back to shore about a mile down wind without a board. At exactly the same time John had dropped his kite and was having trouble relaunching it. As Jeff sped away to go help John, I pumped up my 11m one-pump to go help out Ken.

The happy ending was that John managed to relaunch his kite and get back to shore safely, while Ken was able to get to shore down wind where Emily was there to pick him up in the jeep. For my part, I never found Ken’s lost board as the sun had dropped and the water was reflecting poorly…but ended up landing my kite to Ken and Emily at the same spot where Ken came in as it was getting dark and getting back was going to take too long. Likely that the board will be found tomorrow when it washes up on shore.

Well, as they say, “all’s well that ends well”, and so with that I concluded 7 unforgetable kiting days at Playa Copal in Costa Rica, with a mix of crazy-windy days, spectacularly smooth days, and even a kitemare to keep me humble, only to end it all on a high note…now that’s what kitesurfing is all about.

Below are few shots from today’s sesh with sensations and views to remember…

“Space, the final frontier…now I know what it feels like.”

“Thanks for coming, and this concludes our kitesurfing session for this evening. — Jeff”


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