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Posted by direwolff on February 17, 2005

Nothing like a good Hunter S. Thompson quote to keep things in perspective.

Looks like U.S. House of Representative James Moran, D-Va., may have read my blog posting from October 4th, 2004 titled "Cialis, Viagra, Levitra…oh-hey!". Of course he went down to the wrong conclusion but who can blame the poor sap, he's a congressman, and what can we expect from these guys.

If you have a sense of humor, there's an article that came out today on AdAge titled "CONGRESSMAN WORKS TO BAN ERECTILE DRUG ADS" and it's precious. I'm still debating in my own mind what aspect of this debtate is most precious. Is it the fact that Rep. Moran wants to have this 6:00am to 10:00pm ban on ads for these drugs because…

"There are things some parents don't want to discuss with their children while they're watching prime-time TV and when the ad says one of the side-effects is four-hour erections," said Mr. [Austin] Durrer [the congressman's spokesman]

…or is it the counter argument:

The proposed ban "ignores the fact that this advertising has had some very positive effects," Mr. [Dan] Jaffe [executive vice president for government relations of the Association of National Advertisers] said. "I think we have to be very careful what we do in those areas."

He quoted studies that show 130,000 men who saw their doctors regarding erectile dysfunction as a result of the pharmaceutical ads had been found to have related illnesses, such as diabetes and high-blood pressure. The proposed ban is "well-intentioned, but misguided," he said.

…nice counter argument dude :-) You know what's gonna come next, "yeah, we should have porn on TV during prime time (oops, we nearly have it already ;-) so that guys can see if they can get it up or need an erectile dysfuntion drug"…I can see it now.

The interesting thing is when you see how much money has been spent on advertising and the fact that this has come from the largest drug companies in our country.

Either way this goes, it's interesting to see the puritans (in the form of Democrats this time around, now that's a new one on me, but he is from Virginia) up against the purse holders, the buddies of the masters of the universe, the people who may decide this congressman's fate. Well, I'm gonna stay riveted to this fight, though it's kind of like the Superbowl was for me. Didn't care for the Eagles because of their cross-state rivalry with my 2nd favorite team, the Steelers, and always hated the New England Patriots (aka. "the Patsies") because of the AFC rivalry w/my first team, the New York Jets. Either way this goes, it's a looser when such standards are brought to bear.


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