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He went out as he lived, on his own terms…Hunter S. R.I.P.

Posted by direwolff on February 21, 2005


How ironic that on my last post I would choose to quote Hunter S. Thompson, and here only a few days later it would be reported that the creator of gonzo journalism had committed suicide. A friend sent an e-mail about this calling Thompson a coward for this act of escapism, but I prefer to view it much as he lived his life…on his own terms. His life was a cause on to itself and he called out the inequities of the world as he saw them, no sugar coating, just the facts. He was a brave soul for his ability to share his opinions free of all convention, free of the chains which bind so many writers and reporters, and for that should be revered.

He was one of those people that helped me see early in life, the lies being perpetrated by our government in the name of some bizarre morality that they espoused. The lies about drugs also became clear. Not that I’m advocating the extremes to which Hunter S. took that drug use, but that no, one does not become unable to think, unable to be insightful, unable to see through the haze of government lies in general, as a result of using drugs. If anything, he proved that it more likely helped see through the scams being perpetrated in the name of the people of our country, he helped shine the light on the destroyers of our culture and on the hypocrisy they were perpetrating against its people. Well, he impacted my life in positive ways that I will never forget and can only shed a tear in fond remembrance of the first time I was exposed to his writings.

Here are a few links that talk more about him and show some of his work…

* A Salon Interview:

* Archives of his more recent articles on ESPN:

* MTV:

Not much else to say, except “thanks Hunter S. for your words and inspirations, especially when your words were meant to upset the apple cart. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your insights, it helped.”


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