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Kitesurfing Crissy…how “jonesing” do you have to be?

Posted by direwolff on February 24, 2005

crissy field

So yesterday afternoon the kitesurfing missives went out began. At 3:17pm the alert that the winds and the tides were in perfect harmony for an early season session was sent. These missives come in the form of e-mails that a crew of kitesurfers I know pass around to get the team highly motivated…knowing of course, that we do. While these are generally more apropos when the water is at a more manageable temperature, the crew is getting started early this season, and the water temperature seems to have become a secondary consideration.

So a few of the boys went out to Crissy and actually ended up riding out by the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. The summary update on the session from one of the crew was as follows:

“Shoulda come on down….It was butter….powered up 12s doing the south tower boogie with some mackin swells coming through.

easy on and off of the beach, but pretty fricken cold…


“12s” refers to the fact that they were riding 12m kites which is our favored sized kite for riding in the Bay area. The “butter” comment is referring to the smoothness of the water. In other words they had a blast from a riding perspective. This of course will make it difficult for the rest of us not to go on the next alert, but the “fricken cold” comment will at least keep some of us (read “at least me”) in check just a bit longer until the warmer air temperatures (to compensate for the cold water), begin to show themselves in March.


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