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There’s more to a person than meets the blog…

Posted by direwolff on February 26, 2005

So in thinking of why I blog a few reasons come to mind. One is that I find it quite therapeutic to get my thoughts out there, and not necessarily because I’m seeking the approval of others but because I want to consider myself a genuine person willing to expose where he stands (or sits) in the world. It’s part of the “get to know me” philosophy which says that if you’re interested in finding out what I’m all about, what makes me tick, why I say and think the things I do, the best way to do this is by reading my blog. Lots of “I”s here, because afterall my blog is about me, and regardless of my chosen topics to write about are, they’re a reflection of what I’m thinking about.

From a reader’s perspective, they don’t have to like what I say, nor agree with it, and perhaps as a result of some of my comments, people who might have previously liked me may end up dropping me from their list of friends and acquaintances. In other cases, some who only peripherally cared about me, may find great affinity with my words and ideas, and decide there is more to me than met their eye. Who knows, and frankly who cares, this is just another means for people to get to know the mind behind the visual interpretation they get from a person. It’s no longer about just “here’s what this person looks like” but now we’re opening the less often explored component of people, the “here’s what this person thinks about”. The reader also now gets the opportunity of saying, “well gee, my thoughts aren’t so stupid (or bizarre, or ludicrous, or…etc…) afterall”.

Well, the next step in this exposure of the person for those who dare is the public exposure of their profile. This gets tougher because there are many parts of our lives that we do not want to intertwine, but what we have to realize is that in a world where we have something to hide, we are always at the mercy of those who find that something out. Not living earnestly and in a forthright manner can have greater risks and consequences, regardless of how undesirable or shameful aspects of our lives might actually be, than doing so. This isn’t to say that you have to expose every little bit about yourself to avoid embarassment, but that you have to truly come to terms with the things that make up your life and who you are in order to have the shield of unreproachability (is that even a word?). The shield that reduces one’s inherent hypocrisy quotient. It also enables you to shape the conversation about your life that you wish to share. The “who” you are.

With that, Tribe, the online community/classifieds marketplace has just released in pre-beta to approximately 1000 of its members, access to a new customizable profile. What intrigues me with it, is how people are beginning to shape the conversation about themselves with this. It’s kind of like an extension to the idea of their blog because it enables the blog to be a part of it, but not the only part. Letting people in on what subjects and interests they’re into, what discussion forums or tribes they participate or are interested in, what pictures or art make up their world. With upcoming modules that will allow them to import their existing blogs wherever these may lie or any other RSS feeds for that matter, it really begins to open up the idea of self expression online. It enables one to bring together all of their digital assets into cohesive whole where they can tell “their” story.

In a world where people are seeking ways to be heard over the noise of a highly controlled media with our government telling only their own version of the stories out there, people are desperately reaching out there to tell their story if for no other reason than to say “I’m not a statistic, I’m a person, and here’s who that person is“.

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