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G.E. Smith, David Lindley and Hot Tuna…what else is there to say?

Posted by direwolff on March 1, 2005

GE Smith & Hot Tuna

Last night at the Great American Music Hall here in San Francisco, four great American musicians sat down and made for an unforgetable night of acoustical sounds of music. The evening started with G.E. Smith, (for those of you not familiar with him, he was mostly seen as the musical conductor for the “Saturday Night Live” orchestra where he wailed the blues on his electric guitar in and out of commercials), and David Lindley, (who is an amazing musician on his own right and has played with many famous musicians), sitting down together to blow us away with their sounds.

G.E. then brought out his wife, Terry Barton, who leveled the night a bit with two songs. While her voice was nice, it just wasn’t of the calibre of the what preceeded and proceeded her. G.E. and his band backed her up and then took over for a number of highly fused electrical guitar jams that included local musical celebrity Pete Seers on the keyboards (and later on the accordion as well). After a brief pause, Yorma and Jack came out to show us that Hot Tuna has the word “hot” in their name for a reason. This took me back to the Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead days with loving acoustical melodies and a richness in sound that is nearly unimaginable from the instruments they were playing. Just blew me away.

As their set was coming to an end, G.E., David Lindley and Pete Seers came out to join them for an all out acoutics blues jam. Yorma had never met or played with David Lindley but you could quickly see how easily this group of professionals came into perfect harmony. Boy, would these guys make an amazing band if they ever decided to play together all the time. After their parting song, they were brought back for a terrific encore which brought the evening to a close at midnight…on a Monday night!!! Amazing! If any of these guys come to your neck of the woods, go see them.


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