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People Matter…

Posted by direwolff on March 11, 2005

…and it's truer now than it ever was.

The social networks and the blogosphere have been the latest reminders of that. Both are beginning to have an impact on how we get our news and on news providers themselves, on political issues and candidates, on how people are interacting for love, jobs, classified listings, and various types of products. Through these services people are having a tremendous impact on customer service, on new product ideas, and on product quality.

It's a whole new people revolution, where tools are empowering the ability for people to communicate more frequently and with greater ease. It's enabling people to take more control over their lives as well as have a greater impact on the environment around them. We saw this with political campaigns on both sides of the aisle, and we continue to see this with how people use these tools to congregate online and off.

Half of the concept of "people matter" is analogous to "subject matter" when it comes to their contributions to companies' knowledge bases as well as the commons knowledge base (wikis, blogs, etc.), through the questions that are asked and the responses that are provided in online discussion forums. Here, people are beginning to provide the Open Source software equivalent to content for companies' customer support, and more generally for the edification of others.

However, the more important side of the "people matter" double entendre, is that people are the most valuable asset for doing anything. From providing their thoughts and ideas to problem solving, to addressing issues of nominal and significant importance, to recommending products and services to their friends and families.

Basically We The People are the most important component in the engine of the modern economy, and we should never loose sight of that or let any one tell us otherwise.

As the next phase of the technology revolution comes about, we will see its greatest impact on how people find each other for economic, social, and political value and gain. That's where we will see the greatest leaps in truly providing "power to the People". This shouldn't be misunderstood as a revolution that will unseat the power of corporations since these are run and operated by people too. But perhaps better said is that we will begin to see how individual people will be able to assert their rights and ability for economic independence at levels more equal to those of corporations.

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