“Got kitesurfing on the mind, mixed with some search & classification tech, and a dab of political ranting”

Hi, my name is P-Air and I’m a kitesurfaholic…

Posted by direwolff on March 28, 2005

Today was a good reminder of how deep the addiction goes. Started receiving my buddies’ e-mails predicting the upcoming perfect wind conditions at 8:15 this (3/28) morning. The first e-mail came titled, “Another nuking day in the Bay”, with the body of the message saying simply, “plan accordingly”…I knew I was in trouble. Not heeding such confident words is done at one’s risk to missing out on an epic day.

Well sure enough it’s now 4:15pm and I haven’t a shot in hell to get out of the office to go experience these awesome conditions. The wind chart that I’ve included with this post tells the story with the westerly winds showing a tight range of 24 to 29 mph. This is ideal conditions at Crissy Field. Sure, it may be a bit cold out there, but not cold enough to stop the diehards.

At around 1:00pm I got a call from a good friend’s wife who was walking her kids through Crissy Field and called to ask if I was out there…”that’s it rub it in” I thought. Apparently, 10 kitesurfers were racing each other to get pumped up and out in the Bay. Her son, little Westley dared ask “uncle P-Air, are you going out to ride w/them today?”. The immediate thought was “how could I disappoint the little tyke, he’s only 4 years old?”, but alas I had to come to terms with my reality…”no Westley, uncle P-Air is a poor sap that has to work for a living”.

It’s days like this one that really inspire me to make Tribe a great place for more and more people so that passing up on days like this one will not have happened in vain.

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