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SoHo Doo-Wap Street Musicians

Posted by direwolff on April 17, 2005

What a great day it was in New York City today. There was a certain energy that reminds me of why I love this place so. No matter how long I'm away from here, with every return, it reminds me of why its hard not to continue to consider this place home.

The sun shining warm, people out and about, art merchants in the streets selling their wares. Street musicians crowding the sidewalks to expose the crowd to their doo-wap music. Perfect harmonies, with the quality that you could only hope to normally find at a local club. Yet here they were on the street sharing their gift with all who passed. Smiles across their faces, the occasional dollar being dropped in the box in front of them, but a party atmosphere gelled around their sound. Really well suited to wonderful sun and warm temperatures of the day.

There's even something about the people in New York. It's a true melting pot like few others. People of all races, of all mixed combinations, of all social classes, all sharing the sidewalk and visiting the same shops and at times interacting, all unassuming. No sense of prejudice, no sense of open negativity seemed to cross the eyes and expressions of the people. The occasional double-take on a passerby who made themselves part of the exhibition of the neighborhood by their dress. But even this, was reviewed and investigated by people's eyes in an open, interested, curious, and wondering way. At times it drew a chuckle, but more one of jealousy that that person had thought of the outfit first, rather than of disgust or of superiority.

One noticeable trend is that more and more women are wearing glow-in-the-dark type colors for sneakers and sandals. Nothing unique about the shoes except their screaming colors, lime green or reddish pink, all mixed with the normal and non-descript jeans or slacks. A strange look for sure, but one that you can tell will eventually overtake the country and be this summer's trend much like those lil' flat bed slippers that caught the nation's women by storm last summer.

Well, after walking nearly 3 miles this afternoon, I can say it brought the life of New York rushing back into me, and makes me feel alive in a comparable way to kitesurfing. Not so much athletically, but more in the sense of feeling very alive through the experience. Feeling a sense of truly living in the present.

With that said, I'm back out to complete another 2 miles before arriving home to a nice home cooked dinner with my mother. New York has its priveleges :-)

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