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World’s First Upwind Kitesurfing Race, St Francis Yacht Club

Posted by direwolff on April 22, 2005

From the Race Organizers:

Subject: World’s First Upwind Kitesurfing Race St Francis Yacht Club

April 21, 2005

San Francisco

The St Francis Yacht Club hosted the world’s first
upwind Kitesurfing race this afternoon.

13 entrants (12 men and a woman) approached the start line at
approximately 5:45PM for the world’s first Kitesurfing
race with an upwind start. The course was once around,
and included a windward and leeward mark with an upwind finish.
Race developers John Gomes and Chip Wasson were very
pleased with the turnout, stating “a good time was had by all.”

The St Francis Yacht Club will have Kite surfing events all summer
every other Thursday.

Photos by Chris Ray


“A good time was had by all” indeed!!! It was crazy but fun. With the flood tide coming in strong at around 3 knots, we all needed big kites and even that wasn’t helping us making any headway on rounding buoys on upwind tacks. Having said that, it was a blast and every one really made the most of the adventure trying to avoid crashing into each other during the preparation to the start, and then again on mismatched tacks. The start was actually pretty funny because it appeared like only a couple of people figured it out and the rest of us just followed the pack. I don’t think any one actually crossed the finish line because it was in an area with little to no wind which made the upwind tack to cross the line nearly impossible.

The organizers did a fantastic job getting every one prepped before the race, providing detailed rules explanations and creating a positive environment for all of us to really enjoy the event.

“Laying out the gear”

“Racing at its finest…(that’s me on the black kite, with the red and white stripes)”

One Response to “World’s First Upwind Kitesurfing Race, St Francis Yacht Club”

  1. Mike Hall said

    That sounds awsome that you guys are throwing races that have upwind legs. I from St.Pete Florida and we are throwing allot of boardercross races that are short and fast but, are now starting to throw some longer races. The sport is about to blow up, so get ready!!
    Respect Mike Hall

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