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A Lil’ Pinot and some spring snowboarding to soothe the soul

Posted by direwolff on April 30, 2005

“When I was [41], it was a very good [day]…” – borrowed from Frank Sinatra’s famous song who’s name escapes me.

My Lil’ Pinot has been feeling a bit under the weather since before we left for Tahoe yesterday. While I didn’t want to put her through the 3.5 hr drive to Tahoe if she wasn’t feeling well, her desire to be a trooper was stronger than any argument I could muster on how we could always go up there some other time.

Well, this morning she woke still feeling a bit stuffy, but being even more psycho than me when it comes to getting on the slopes, she wouldn’t hear of anything other than how long ’til we got to the top of Squaw Valley. She used the “it’s your birthday and we need to have fun” as the driving argument for all of this, almost without realizing that for me, it was the pleasure of spending this time with her that really was driving my enthusiasm.

It was interesting that in wanting to contemplate my present, I couldn’t do it in the absense of our present. In other words, thoughts about just me felt inappropriate, out of place so-to-speak. It was like her presence and my desire to dwell in our moment meant more to me than any self-actualization I might have wanted to delve into. Last year on my birthday, I made it all about me by going off to camp alone for my annual contemplation, but this year better things were in store.

They frequently say that finding your soulmate is about that moment when life is less about you, and more about us, and that feeling is a comfortable one. Well, even with my sick Lil’ Pinot, who was dealing with a bad case of the sniffles and constantly worried about whether or not I was having a good time, this time together felt as good as doing a kite loop with a backside 360. The us moment was comfortable and enjoyable. Thoughts of my 41st, of my “unachievements”, of what I want to do in the future, of my deep contemplations, all seemed unimportant. It was this time, on a beautiful mountain with soft snow all around us, with the sun peaking out here and there…it was this time that was the fun, that was the magic.

I knew coming out to the mountains with Lil’ Pinot was going to soothe my spirit. Snowboarding in enjoyable conditions, almost as much as kitesurfing, has a tendency to do that for me. The exhilaration of the ride just brings a sudden rush of real-time living, fully engaging me in the moment of the activity. When getting a chance to do that with someone you care deeply about, who can rip even when she’s feeling sick, the feeling goes beyond words…and for that I am fortunate.


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