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“The Famous” popped The Cherry…

Posted by direwolff on May 13, 2005


(Above picture kidnapped from The Famous tribe photo album at )

Over the past years I've kept my interest in the smaller bands down to a couple that I'm comfortable with and have been following for some time. Specifically, Red Meat and Plain High Drifters (PHDs), both of which feature a dear friend as lead singer, Smelley Kelly.

After joining Tribe, I found out one of our development gurus sidelined in an alt. country band and after downloading some songs from their web site, I decided I needed to see them. Of course, since making that decision something has conflicted with every gig date they've had for the past 3 months. It's crazy. Either Red Meat or the PHDs always seemed to have coinciding dates to those of The Famous.

Well, finally, tonight was my lucky break. Not a conflict in sight, and even managed to get my good buddy, Therm, to whom I've been talking up The Famous, to join me for the gig. The show rocked!!! These guys had awesome energy, an excellent diversity of song styles so as to keep the groove changing, and their sound had that rockabilly feel which took me back to my late highschool days. It felt like they should be called the The Famous Cats or something :-) Victor Barclay's guitar presence jammed every aspect of The Cherry Bar, and Laurence's vocals had a tone some times reminiscent of the Black Crowe's lead singer, and at other times just wildly unique in a good way. He sang with a seeming reckless abandon that made you want to get up there and rock out with him. A funny incident right at the start of one of their songs where their bass player just dropped his guitar and made a b-line for the bathroom…I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go, and screw that shit about the "show must go on" ;-) Fortunately, the boys were prepared with some fast and furious reparte until the bassist returned.

The band had total stage presence, and you couldn't keep your eyes off of them. They closed with a real crowd pleaser, a countrified rockabilly jamming version of Prince's "Purple Rain", which you couldn't help but love.

Well, it looks like I found another band to get into…just what I needed ;-)


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