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“In the world of course racing, now add kites” – Sail Magazine

Posted by direwolff on May 20, 2005

Sail Magazine picked up the story on the most recent kitesurfing course race at St. Francis Yacht Club…

Course Racing Kites
By Kimball Livingston

As far as we know, the first course racing for kites, anywhere, is taking place this year on the San Francisco cityfront. For years now kites have been a familiar, colorful feature in the waters off Crissy Field, which is located just inside the Golden Gate and right in the mouth of the wind funnel. The kite sailors do their going-fast bit, and they do their flying through the air bit, and for some of them this is everything they know about sailing. Others, though, grew up in the sailing world, from dinghies to keelboats to windsurfers to kites, and a few of those people are also members of St. Francis Yacht Club, next door to Crissy Field.

read the full article at:


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