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Seacrest Beach…sweet!!!

Posted by direwolff on June 13, 2005

This past Saturday I grudgingly agreed to go to a beach party with Lil’ Pinot, down in Santa Cruz. I say grudgingly because in still feeling some of the discomfort from my recent neck and back trauma, the last thing I wanted to do was find myself by the ocean unable to truly enjoy it. And worse, be there with a group of people I didn’t know, under their scrutiny because I’m dating their dear friend, Lil’ Pinot.

After driving past the main Santa Cruz exit off of Rte. 17, we kept going for approximately another 5-10 miles before reaching Seacrest. We walked down through one of the hotels to the beach and there it was, this splendid long gorgeous coast. The sand was thin, the coast line spacious and the waves delightful to watch.

Lil’ Pinot’s friends were old hands at this BBQ thing, and had a big canopy set-up, plenty of coolers of refreshments, and some killer BBQ fare (can you say yummy tri-tip, sausages, and ahi?). They were super cool, and while there were enough kids between the respective families to start our own nursery and elementary schools, it was all good. Most of these folks lived within 30 minutes from the beach, which was easy to tell by their fun loving and generous vibe. The BBQ occasion was to celebrate the visit of dear friends from Portland coming out to hang for a weekend. Smiles and genuine happiness were abound.This beach which reaches from before Capitola and goes all the way to Moss Landing was beautiful and with clear skies and little wind made for a great BBQ spot. Of course, I still couldn’t really take advantage of the water, and dared not bring my kitesurfing gear (which would have definitely gotten some use there), but I was enlightened to some new fabulous California coastline which will require further exploration in the near future.

Lesson learned, keep low expectations and you’ll always beat them, but some times it will be with truly outstanding people and places one could never have imagined.


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