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Yahoo to launch blog ad network

Posted by direwolff on August 2, 2005

You can find more about this announcement on CNET at:

What actually troubles me with this story is that it appears that Yahoo! will have issues in scaling this service. Consider the last paragraph of this story:

"Yahoo's new service will differ from Google in that it will add human editorial judgment to the selection of ads for content pages. In comparison, Google's service relies on technology."

…they may have well just said, "won't scale like Google". I'm actually surprised that Yahoo! has not yet cracked the technology relevance barrier. Actually, Google got this as "gimme" when it acquired Applied Semantics which is where they got their AdWords service which was quickly evolved to AdSense. Applied Semantics had also built a relatively sophisticated semantics network which enabled them to get pretty good at determining relevance. It's not light technology given that size of the semantic network they have to process against (150K words…ouch!), but given their horse power they could probably make it trudge right along.

Anyway, seems to me that Yahoo! needs a technology like this to play ball. Now, if they'd just read some old posts of mine to get a hint on who they need to talk to ;-) Here's one post that skirts the issue…

…and here's an even earlier posting that also reveals some info…

Let's see if Yahoo! comes-a-calling now :-)


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