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FCC’s recently hired advisor – get to know her…

Posted by direwolff on August 15, 2005

Well, I guess it had to happen soon given how active the various Christian coalitions have been within the different branches of our government. But as it relates to decency standards, it's not about moral relativism, it's about Biblical standards, and as one who grew up Catholic my impression has always been that it's a standard that has only served those with a desire to control other people's lives, not one for those who have tried to make others' lives better. It's not an inclusive standard, it's an exclusive one, having more to say about what you *can't* do than what you can.

All this serves as a prelude to something that has depressed me all morning, and the more I've looked into it the sadder it has made me. I won't go into the details of Penny Nance's background here, but will place a couple of links that provide a richer picture than I could ever draw on my own for her. But all you need to know is that she has been hired as an advisor/consultant to the FCC. One thing is for sure, if you thought that recent decency regulations bordered on draconian, now you know the ilk from which they came. Oh yeah, and all you homosexuals and nuclear disarmament activists better watch out, 'cause you're next ;-) When will this madness end?!

Read on…

Note: in doing a picture search for her in Google, 3 of the 15 pics for her were of churches. I'm not anti-Christian, but I sure am anti-in-your-face Christianity which this lady most certainly engenders in every way imaginable.


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