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Gas prices at over $3.00/gallon?! What’s up with that?!

Posted by direwolff on September 6, 2005

Well to say that there's a gauging game going on would have to be an understatement. This weekend alone I saw a gas prices range from between $2.99 all the way up to $3.39 and that was within two blocks on a Monday (3 days after the insanity began). Moreover, the station with the lower number was a traditionally more expensive station, which is what gave away to schtick that's being played out in the name of recent hurricane Katrina.

Profiteering during tragedies is nothing new, but there's something that feels really wrong about this. Of course it didn't help that our President repealed all sorts of legislation requiring more fuel efficient vehicles by now in his last term. As well, reading news about how the gasoline companies are hitting record earnings isn't making any of this more comforting. They're doing so in opportunistic ways at the mercy of a gas dependent nation with leadership that refuses to find alternatives due to its special interests (and special friends).

Well, bitchin' and whining here isn't going to change anything, but this is all giving me lots to think about and I hope it starts stirring the minds of the more entrepreneurial of you out there. This might be just the time to find a completely new type of vehicle that people might just be willing to take a chance on given the perfect storm that's forming for such an alternative.


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