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Terrible events, wars and hurricanes, yet gasoline companies still thrive…what am I missing?

Posted by direwolff on September 25, 2005

Let me start by saying, that something seems wrong to me about all of this though I can't properly articulate it yet.  With that said, I'm ramble on briefly.So I haven't yet done very much digging, but I recall something about our country's oil & gas industry being subsidized some how.  And in looking at their year-to-date stock performance, I marvel at how well all of those companies have grown in value.  This of course, in the throes of two wars that have impacted oil supplies and more recently two hurricanes which have added to the negative impact.  So one has to ask the question, how could the oil & gas companies' stocks continue to do well.  Don't let the above chart's red numbers throw you off, that's just a one day blip, it's the 3 month and year-to-date numbers that you want to be checking out.

I'm no genius in these matters, but it seems that every policy that was in place to reduce our country's dependence on oil & gas was over turned by the current administration and congress, and all before all of these events took place.  So, does this mean that our $3.00+ per gallon gas prices and the gov't subsidies effectively mean that "we the people" are once again footing the bill?  Bearing the pain, coming and going?  What's the point of having a government for and by the people if this is what we get out of them?  Let's just make it a dictatorship so we don't have to be party to the abuses, then at least we can really just sit back and blame a government we don't take part in…kinda like the one we have now minus the pretenses.  SOS!!!


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