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Icer Air 2005 – in PacHeights

Posted by direwolff on September 30, 2005

While some of us were slaving away at our daily grind, there were lots of folks enjoying the first of what will hopefully be several Icer Air 2005.  They built a ski jump on Fillmore and Vallejo and let some skiiers and snowboarders go to town on it.  It's worth checking out the Chronicle's coverage on it as the pictures are awesome with the Bay in the background behind the acrobatics.

Olympic skier Jonny Moseley was also in the mix.

As can only be expected, not everything about the event was smooth, but it's cool that they just went for it.  I'm sure there are several members of the Snowboarding FREAKS and SFSnowboarding tribes who wish they had been there for the action.  I'm one of them.

Above, JJ Thomas is pictured, who took first place and the $7,000 purse and a new Jeep…sweet! (Chronicle photo by Mike Kepka)


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