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New GK Kite – The Sonic – Sweet!

Posted by direwolff on October 10, 2005

So this past Saturday, I happened by 3rd Ave. in San Mateo for a little kitesurfing session, because with the end of the season nearing every day counts.  While there I ran into "Litewave Dave" (so named because he makes Litewave boards) who has been repping Globe Kites.  Usually, these kites have some neat doo-dads, but nothing that really gets me motivated to buy one.  However, I could tell in arriving there, that he was flying something new, something pretty cool looking in the sky.  He had their new kite called the Sonic, which has a similar appearance and flying style to the Cabrinha Crossbow, but with some real noticeably different characteristics. 

First off, the shape of the kite is more in line w/some of the other GK kites (see picture above).  The bridle system appears to be similar though a bit simpler all-in-all than the Crossbow.  The bar system seemed a bit more cludgy than anything I've seen, but it was simple and that's always appreciated. 

So how's it fly?…Kick Ass!!!  This Sonic picks up speed quickly but there's virtually no bar pressure.  Weird.  In that regard it reminds me of the ill-fated Best Hellfish.  It definitely takes some time to get used to (10 mins), but then the ride really rocks.  What's even cooler is its rapid relaunch.  Litewave Dave had me go away from where people were rigging to explain how easy the relaunch was.  We deliberately crashed the kite, watched it move about a bit and then it virtually pick itself up waiting for me to lightly tug a bit to get it off the ground.  A pretty amazing experience.  I'm glad we went through this exercise because while trying a trick I dropped the kite in the water, and sure enough, I was able to pull the bar over to me, and in no time the kite was back in the air without me having to swim one stroke.  Now that's amazing by any standards.

While I have some knits with the bar system, I'd say that if I had to choose between this and the Crossbow, at this stage, the Sonic would win since I could be riding for longer without feeling the pain from the constant pressure of the kite…heck, this thing offers no pressure at all.  Sweet!


One Response to “New GK Kite – The Sonic – Sweet!”

  1. Caroline said

    GK Goood kite 07 mnd


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