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Ethics…the final frontier

Posted by direwolff on November 9, 2005


While it’s long overdue, it still stings to know that the White House staff lacks so much in the area of ethics that they now have to hold classes on the subject.  Of all the places where that should be a resume requirement not to mention go without saying, its galling to see them do this now, somehow putting on a show of their goodwill and desire to change.  Cut me a break, if by now they don’t know what ethics are, they “ain’t” gonna (now who needs to go to remedial english writing classes?) know it by the time this class is over either.  If anything, these classes seem more about “stop getting caught” and less about “start being ethical”, but who knows what scam is behind this one.

Waking up to this headline today is almost as frustrating as reading before I went to bed, of the passing of Intelligent Design as science material by Kansas Board of Ed. so I had to pass it on as well.

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