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“There’s no place like home”…except if that place is Kansas

Posted by direwolff on November 9, 2005


Well, I guess it had to happen, at least one state had to break down and show ignorance over intelligence does rule the heartland of our country.  The Kansas Board of Education voted not only to redefine what "science" means, but to allow the not-so-intelligent "Intelligent Design" story into the school science curriculum.  Oh someone please tap me on the shoulder and wake me up from what surely can't be the reality of our country. 

The following opinion from the editors of Scientific American tells the story.


You know, the shame of it is that in a country with so many educational opportunities, something as laughable as this can actually happen.  Think of the effect this will have on an entire generation of youths in Kansas.  Well, I guess we have at least another 49 states to protect against these people, but frankly, how long will it be until Utah and Texas follow suit, not to mention the Bible Belt.  They say this about Halloween in the Castro, but it seems appropriate for what's happening in other circles too, "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro".  There's definitely a lot of pro weirdness happening in our country these days, with no sign of abatement.  "Superman!  Where are you?!!!"


UPDATE (11/9/05 @ 9:20am):  Just caught this piece ("Evolution in the bible, says Vatican") which provides some insight on how even the Vatican doesn't buy these Intelligent Design claims…and they ought to know.



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