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…and now for some good news

Posted by direwolff on November 10, 2005

Not sure how to handle sharing some good news, and while it’s still a bit preliminary to celebrate, the idea that people are fighting this is a good enough start.  Following up on the Sony post from a few days ago, it looks like there’s a class action suit that has just been filed against them.  Here’s the lead excerpt on this:

“Sony BMG Music Entertainment has been hit with at least one class-action lawsuit over its rootkit-as-copy-protection software. The lawsuit claims the software violates two anti-fraud statutes, as well as a third law forbidding placement of spyware in a computer.”

Finally, making those spyware laws pay off ;-)  Anyway, here are some good links w/the low-down…

Sony Sued For Rootkit Copy Protection (InformationWeek)

Sony Spyware Draws Lawsuits (RedHerring)

and here’s a good summary of what’s been going on…

‘Bots’ for Sony CD software spotted online (ZDNet)


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