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The Stones rocking San Francisco

Posted by direwolff on November 15, 2005

OK, you see the lil’ bit of red/purple light in the middle of this otherwise dark picture above? Well that was the Rolling Stones rocking out at SBC Park this evening (Tues). They were also at it on Sunday night. What was incredible to me was that from my window on Potrero Hill (and my bathroom) you could hear the concert clear as day. With the aid of my binoculars I could also see the Jumbotron screen with Mick Jagger strutting his stuff on stage.

A couple of songs got me to the window, Please to meet you, You can’t always get what you want, and a few others that escape my mind. The thought that the sound system was that loud makes me wonder what the crowd at the show was getting treated to. The fireworks which I believed came in at their introduction as well as at some other key points were also a treat from my window. My window may not have provided the best seats in the house, but it certainly did provide the cheapest.

UPDATE #1 (5 mins after finishing this post): I can’t get no satisfaction just came on and it rocks better than any other song I’ve caught so far. These boys are rocking out big time!!!

UPDATE #2: Is that a cover of I shot the Sheriff I’m hearing now?!


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