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RSS Feed Highjacking & Spam…wha-wha-what?!!!

Posted by direwolff on November 16, 2005

A buddy of mine sent me what he got in his Wall Street Journal RSS feed yesterday on MyYahoo!.  As you should note from the picture above (the resolution got a lil’ screwy here, but you get the gist), with the exception of the “WSJ: What’s News” headline, the rest is pure nonsense.  How did this happen, and is this what’s in store for the spammification of RSS feeds like had happened with e-mail?  Well, I certainly hope not, but I think we have to be vigilant and nab this issue quickly before it’s too late and our RSS feeds become as useless as much of our e-mail.

I’d love to hear what people think about how this took place since it obviously required some sort of spoofing of the RSS feed URL that Yahoo! culled, or something more nefarious.  All thoughts on this matter welcomed.

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