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“Nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning”…or is that phosphorous, or both?

Posted by direwolff on November 17, 2005

Well, there’s been enough obfuscation here to make nothing and everything believable, and when added to the exposed attrocities of war having been committed by our military during the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, one has to wonder.  “Wonder” may be one state of mind, being damn pissed off that these crimes are being waged in the name of the American people (us!), could be another.

War isn’t pretty, especially those wars that should never have happened to begin with, but when the righteous become the biggest offenders of everything they claimed to be fighting, that’s when it gets difficult to quietly sit in the corner.  With that said, I’ll simply stir the pot for now by providing the link below that goes through the recent history beginning from when the military denied using napalm-like weapons and phosphorous, to their admittance of this.  This is truly offensive, but so was the AbuGhraib prison scandal and no one seems to talk much about that any more (nor of the unreleased pictures of what happened there, which was rumored to be much worse than what the original pictures made public).

Incendiary weapons: The big white lie

Note, my problem with all of this isn’t with the troops who go out there and do their best in what is obviously an ugly situation, but with those in charge, authorizing and condoning the sort of behavior that ranks in the “crimes against humanity” category and deserve to be punished accordingly.


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