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The $100 Laptop is something to rejoice

Posted by direwolff on November 17, 2005

Being the gadget geek that I am, while reviewing a news site this morning, my eyes instantly locked on a headline heralding the advent of the first $100 Laptop.  What I was expecting of course, was either a cool new gadget for me, or some cheap knock-off.  Well, what I found nearly brought tears to my eyes as it addressed a far nobler cause.

Finally, a tool for the Third World (see picture above), for communities where electricity is hard to come by, but education still needs to be advanced and communications with the rest of the world, fostered.  MIT’s Media Lab was responsible for its development and as you can see above, the design is quite elegant and well targeted for kids.  That yellow crank on the side is for powering the unit up.  Genius.

This is one of those causes that the wealth of Silicon Valley could really get behind even on the level of some sort of “Buy a Child a laptop” program, where you could imagine people donating for 5 to 10 laptops.

While it’s true that there are other more important basic needs that the folks receiving these gifts could probably use more (food and shelter for example), providing the tools to help get them out of their current predicaments, is also important.

The following articles provide some good overviews on this (note, the points of view are at all ends of the spectrum, so you may not agree with all of them):

– $100-laptop created for world’s poorest countries

– The $100 laptop moves closer to reality

– The $100 laptop – don’t get carried away

– Google News search results page


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