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Here’s the government, the Red States voted for…

Posted by direwolff on November 18, 2005

…a House of Representatives that would stand in the way of educating its people lest the people see their way through the morass, the crimes, and the scams that have been perpetrated to their faces and in their names.  You’d figure that after being able to win an election despite the lies and mismanagement of the past 5 yrs, they would have little to fear from the educational system our young people are in now.  I guess government feels that some young people are starting to wise up, so it’s time to dumb’em down…
House OKs $14 billion in student aid cuts

…and don’t get me started on how we’re currently spending billions and billions of dollars on a war that should have never been.  OK, any time now the credits come scrolling down the screen and I wake up to find out that I’m still 18 and this was all a bad dream ;-)


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