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/ROOT Markets is a Financial Exchange for Consumer Leads

Posted by direwolff on November 19, 2005

(Seth Goldstein with his partner and now Executive Chairman of /ROOT, Lew Ranieri)

A dear friend that I met back about 10 years ago, has just come out of the stealth closet so to speak. While word was slowly getting around about his New York start-up /ROOT Markets, in his blog post last Thurs, he really spells out what it’s all about in great detail.

In reading this piece, I couldn’t believe how much he had basically given away of the idea, most of which I’ve been under NDA not to discuss for months. But the reality was that he really wants to live up to his principles, one of which is the name of his blog, “Transparent Bundles”. In being reminded of all of the nuances of the business he’s entering, I was also reminded that the compilation of skill sets and the complexity of what he’s trying to accomplish here, will not be an undertaking that many lowly humans will endeavor. Why?…’cause it’s really hard! (The last paragraph of his blog post summarizes the status quo pretty well.)

Seth basically is espousing and effectively betting on, what the future of Internet advertising and lead generation (the latter being basically the real business of the Internet) will be. This takes great courage to not only say, but to start a company hedged on his belief, and investing big money into it. Not to mention writing a blog posting for all to see. From Seth however, I’d expect nothing less.

I had the good fortune of introducing him to his partner at Majestic Research, and as an advisor, watch the two of them build an impressive independent research firm, doing some leading edge financial research. Their work has made a lot of hedge funds a lot of money.

Having known Seth since SiteSpecific, and having watched him evolve as an entrepreneur, it’s safe to say that with this latest idea he is actualizing himself in amazing ways. Needless to say, I wish him much luck and success here, because if and when he tweaks this one right, it will yield significant opportunities for him and others, and at the same time help consumers have a part in how their information is used. This is one of those ideas that we should all be /ROOTing for (pardon the pun).


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