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Who’s calling who “reprehensible”?

Posted by direwolff on November 26, 2005

In the category of “I’m too reprehensible for my shirt” (to be sung to the tune of “I’m to sexy for my shirt”), our eminent VeeP plans to headline a fundraiser for none other than indicted Congressman Tom DeLay.  Someone please pinch me again, I’ve fallen into a dream and I can’t wake up…

As they say, “he’s innocent until proven guilty” or until he gets the judge he needs to see him innocent or until he’s found guilty and gets a Presidential pardon, or until some other miracle of justice takes place and finds him innocent of even having told a white lie, ever.  Sheeeesh!

Don’t want to call Cheney a hypocrite given that we all are at times, but I think he should get the Wikipedia prize and become the poster boy for that word.  Talk about embodiment…easy easy, DeLay’s not yet proven guilty.


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