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Another Pincus sighting in the NY Times, but this time with my picture

Posted by direwolff on December 3, 2005

Mark is always getting reporters calling him about the happenings of Silicon Valley, and on an article about extreme start-up entrepreneurs doing extreme sports, he lead a NY Times reporter to my door. What resulted is a pretty cool feature in the Sunday NY Times (that apparently comes out online on Sat) talking about various professionals in the valley and the games they play. Mark has his usual dead-on snips, but can you guess which sport they identified me with?

Wheels and Deals in Silicon Valley

Note #1: One looming misunderstanding by the reporter is that one can get out kitesurfing 3-6 times per week, but 6 times per day is not very likely nor regular. Another example of things that get lost in translation…doh!

Note #2: You might recognize the 2nd photo down in the article.


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