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Got a new gadget…the “Crackberry” 8700c

Posted by direwolff on January 2, 2006

Got it the week before Christmas.  What a cool lil’ device, especially given its compatibility w/the EDGE network which provides a low-end broadband bandwidth capability.  In comparison to the 7280 device I had previously, access to the Net really screams.  I even got on Tribe and was able to log in and use the site, see my profile clearly, and access various functions on the site.  However, it’s clear that the Tribe site is not ready for mobile primetime yet.

Bloglines on the other hand did some nice things to make their site (when accessed by the device) convert to a very workable mobile RSS reader.  There’s a small usability issue when reviewing blog posts where the author only enables summaries of posts to appear, but all-in-all, the experience was very workable.  Yahoo! & Google have also done a nice job with their mobile interfaces, and while these aren’t yet perfected, their SMS apps are strong enough to carry the day until they get the kinks worked out of the richer experience.  Yes, even Google Maps works on this, though the new Yahoo! Maps crashes (lacking Flash support I guess).

The one problem I have with this device is that I no longer find myself having down time.  I’ll be watching a football game and decide to check on scores around the league on the ESPN site.  I’ll be waiting in line in the supermarket and catch myself keeping up w/the latest blog post from the prolific Fred Wilson, Tara Hunt, or our beloved Mr. Pincus among others.  Even a bathroom break has taken on a whole different meaning…how pathetic.  Is this what the connected world is coming to?

What I’m almost more interested in finding out (though I know I’ll be pissed when it happens), is what my world will feel like when I don’t have access to the device (because of a downed network or breakage or name your mobile tragedy).  How will I fill the void that’s created during those times?  Not only will I feel out of touch from my information sources, but also out of connectedness with my fellow man (be it by e-mail or phone).  Ouch!  More pathetic thinking given that interpersonal interactions should easily make-up for this.

One thing to be said here however, is that I’m feelin’ the future, and things are going to get interesting.  The key will be learning the etiquette of using these devices and finding the shortcuts for getting to useful information quickly that helps in getting things done.  Quickly connecting with others when it counts.  Eliminating distance further than simple Net access because now it can be Net access anywhere at any time.  In a way I envy the younger generations growing up in a world where interconnectedness is being augmented and distance reduced.  Learning how to work with others and with access to unlimited information at the touch of some buttons.

Information and access in the palm of your hand 24/7…I’m excited by the prospects.

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