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Madonna’s “Confessions on a dance floor”

Posted by direwolff on January 10, 2006

Growing up as a club kid in New York City, has kept me into the dance scene well beyond my contemporaries (as Chris Rock tells it, “the old guy in the corner, you know the one, he’s just a lil’ too old to be at the club”).  While I’ve always dug the underground scene I also liked some of the more “poppy” type disco music.  House music was derived from this and electronica, with Trip Hop being the slowed down version which I also love.

To this day, the clubs with the best DJs mixing up the most solid beats in these genres have been gay friendly clubs that focus on a good mix of folks, have a solid multicultural distribution of people, with people that really get into the music and can move to the beat.  It’s with this heart that this new Madonna album totally catches my imagination.  Don’t know who helped produced this album for her, but it totally throws me back to a cross between Studio 54 days in NYC and dancing to heavy House club beats with reckless abandon.  Mix in that trippy feeling and a couple of the mixes were tough for me to drive to without letting go of the steering wheel to throw my arms up in the air and start jamming in my seat.  Something about Madonna’s voice that makes me knock ten to fifteen years off my age (at least in my mind).

She’s obviously not for everyone, just as club scene wasn’t for all of my friends over the years, but for those who get into moving to some awesome dance grooves, just throw this album on and let it run through to the end.  You won’t regret it.


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