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Posted by direwolff on January 22, 2006

Yes, this afternoon the Pittsburgh Steelers won the AFC Championship game against the Denver Broncos to become the only 6th seeded team to ever make it to a Superbowl.  Until 1993, I lived in Pittsburgh for 11 yrs, far from the heyday of the Pittsburgh Steeler dynasty of the ’70s.  Many of these years were the franchise’s darkest, but Steeler fever is infectuous and you can’t live there without really loving what they represent to the community and becoming a fan, even when they weren’t very good.  I’ve heard the same about Green Bay Packers and their community, but having lived in Pittsburgh I can only speak for what I witnessed and felt there.

Anyway, I feel invigorated by this win and how well they played, and though my first loyalties have remained with the New York Jets, I’m really really happy to see the Steelers going all the way.  With so many life friends of mine in Pittsburgh, I also know the jubilation that they’re all experiencing at this time.  This win also brings back fond memories of my time in Pittsburgh getting to learn about the cultures there, the history of the steel mills, and the revitalized white collar industry.  It was a great place to live with good hearted people and I will never forget it.  Thanks to the Steelers for creating a situation to bring me back, if only vicariously.

Now win the Superbowl in memory of Art Rooney!!!

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