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Ahh-rrron!!!…and the Steel City boys winnin’ the Superbowl

Posted by direwolff on February 6, 2006

Ah yes, it was quite the nostalgic day I enjoyed yesterday, as 5 of my fraternity brothers with whom I had attended university in Pittsburgh, got together for the Superbowl at one of their homes. Of course, it was the home of the guy with the biggest HDTV home theatre set-up, and it ROCKED!!! The nostalgia didn’t stop at seeing all of these great guys that I’ve known and been close with for over 23 yrs now. In the spirit of our Pittsburgh roots, I brought over some Rolling Rock beer from the neighboring Latrobe, PA. The significance of this beer was that we liked it enough to go visit the plant one Saturday back in the day, but unfortunately it was closed. That is until the security guard came out and opened the gates and brought us in for a quick tour then dropped us off in a room with a tapped keg and only asked that we close the door on our way out. Imagine that, 7 college kids dropped off in a room with a keg back before people cared about drinking laws. It was a beautiful thing.

Well, I was one-upped on this nostalgic day by another brother who had some Iron (or as pronounced in the ‘Burgh, “Ahhh-rrron”) City Beer from the Pittsburgh Brewing Company shipped in for the game. Now this beer has a special place in my heart as it was truly a part of our college experience. For 3 running years (of which I was present for 2 of those), our fraternity was the third largest drinking establishment of Iron City Beer in Pittsburgh, behind only Three Rivers Stadium (R.I.P.) and the Civic Arena (aka. “The Igloo”, home of the Penguins hockey team). Having a 4 keg cooler in our basement with taps running 24/7 probably helped in this matter. Those were the days, as kegs are no longer allowed in campus fraternities. This was such a big deal that representatives from Pittsburgh Brewing Company came by in 1985 to give us a plaque to commemorate our achievement) We had a lot of pride going around over this one.

Our host’s wife topped herself by serving some light snacks of little mini beef wellingtons and stuffed mushrooms, with a main treat of hot chilli with the usual fixins of sour cream and cheese. Yummmm!!! Something about chilli and Ahh-ron, the Steelers on TV and a couple of games of pool at half-time that sent me reeling back 20 years. Like none of us had aged a day…well except for perhaps the 20 pounds we had all put on since our college days…ah, and the graying hairs…ah, and the fact that we weren’t in the basement of our fraternity w/the stench of days old beers and a TV that we constantly had to smack to get the reception working right…and of course a pool table w/scratches and cues that had seen their better days years earlier…but other than that, it was just like I remembered it in college.

Most importantly however, wearing all of our Steeler regalia and swinging the Terrible Towels around, it was a true joy to see our Steelers win the big one. Note that with the exception of the native Pittsburghers among us, none of us had experienced the Steelers as a winning team during our time in the ‘Burgh. But the infactuation over the team is contageous and even during the 80s in the worst times of the franchise’s storied history, we were still diehard fans. Well, it only took some twenty odd years, but they finally came through and we were around to witness that game with Iron in our hands and brotherhood in our hearts. All I can say now is “yee-haw!!!…Love dem Stillerz!!!”


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