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A mentor & friend

Posted by direwolff on March 7, 2006

My mentor at Theseus Institute, Mel Horwitch, was recently appointed to become the Chair of the Department of Management at Polytechnic University in New York. Mel has always been ahead of his time, and was one of the founding faculty at Theseus Institute where he helped pioneer the concept of an MBA program that emphasized strategy, innovation and information technology before that was in vogue. Such subjects as Strategic Information Systems, the Learning Organization, and Strategy were core to the program and heavilly focused on. He was also pushing the concept of the Networked Corporation before collaboration applications emerged, where he foresaw the need for these in corporation of the 21st century. Mel has been an innovator for a long time, but with the Internet he saw many of his visions come to life.

Mel was a great friend and a welcomed mentor to me at Theseus from whom I learned a lot, and who helped me push the bounds of what I thought could happen with the advent of the commercialization of the Internet. As I came out of the Theseus program I was ready to go like gangbusters on pushing the bounds of what the Internet would enable individuals and corporations to do. Much of that I owe to Mel. With that I’m happy to share vicariously in his recent achievement, one of several he has had in his career.


President Hultin Appoints Professor Mel Horwitch New Chair of the Department of Management 15-Feb-06

I am very pleased to announce that Professor Mel Horwitch has been named the Chair of the Department of Management at Polytechnic University commencing January 1, 2006.

The department, as home for several important and growing programs, will have a substantial strategic role within the University and is an essential element in the University’s future growth and prestige. The department currently oversees such high-potential programs as:

* the BS-Business & Technology Management Program,
* the Management of Technology and the Telecommunications and Information Management Executive Masters Programs,
* the Financial Engineering, Management and Organization Behavior
Masters Programs, and
* the new Ph.D.- Technology Management Program.

Effective, efficient, and innovative management is an essential ingredient for technological progress, corporate success, governmental effectiveness, and global growth. Therefore, it is our vision that management skills, principles, and subjects should be a vital part of the curriculum of study for almost all students enrolled in engineering or science.

Under Mel’s leadership, the department will seek significant growth in enrollment and will promote research that encourages the highest academic quality and innovative scholarship. The department also will maintain currency in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. The University will support Mel as the department aims for vigorous expansion into existing and new venues in the New York City/Tri-State Region and overseas.

Here’s the full post.

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