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“Embattled U.S. Rep. DeLay wins Texas primary” — Reuters

Posted by direwolff on March 8, 2006

You gotta be kidding me!!! Are the people in the Houston district of Texas, where DeLay seems to be winning, out of their minds?!!!  It’s truly a sad state of affairs when DeLay can still win a primary after all of the attrocities and violations of human trust he has committed.  Here’s a piece by Bill Moyers that should put any one reading it at wits end with what’s happening in our country these days…that is except if you’re from Texas.

and here’s Reuters piece that’s got me in a tizzy…

Embattled U.S. Rep. DeLay wins Texas primary

HOUSTON (Reuters) – Embattled U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay won handily in the Republican primary for his congressional seat on Tuesday, taking 61 percent of the votes against three opponents.

The race had been seen as a barometer of his political strength since he resigned as House majority leader following indictment in Texas on campaign finance charges and his friendlobbyist Jack Abramoff was indicted in a Washington corruption scandal.

DeLay skipped his election night party to attend a fund-raiser in Washington put on by lobbyists.

With 86 percent of the votes counted, DeLay led his closest opponent Tom Campbell by 61 percent to 30 percent. In a statement, DeLay said voters in his Houston area district had rejected the “politics of personal destruction” to support him.

Some one pinch me to tell me that it’s all but a dream.


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