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Bush on Plame…but what about the tax payers?

Posted by direwolff on April 13, 2006

With all the hubbub about Bush leaking Valerie Plame’s CIA role to the public, the speculation over how he’s allowed to release classified material and so there should be nothing wrong with what he did, it occurred to me that this all begs some basic questions.  For one, if he did nothing wrong, then why didn’t he come clean…ah, I mean why didn’t he just tell the public (“come clean” sounds like I’m suggesting that he was dirty or something, right?)?  Afterall, given how long the investigations into this matter have been going on, at great expense to the American tax payers (that’s us folks), if he had simply divulged the fact that he authorized this release of information then this matter would have been addressed and resolved years ago.

As always, I suspect every one involved knows that this was not all that clean of a matter.  So the next question is how dirty of a matter was it and what punishment should be doled out given that fact?  The President’s effective denial to all branches of government (since no one appears to have known about this until Libby’s recent statements) for as long as he declined to divulge his involvement, suggests that at the very least there’s a matter of lying to the American people (yeah, I know you liberals out there are chuckling at my seeming naivete on this matter, “why he’s been lying to us since the day he took office”) and to Congress.  Doesn’t that mean something any more, or is only when one denies receiving felatio in the oval office?

In the words of conservative movement in America, “I think it’s time someone be held accountable”!  Both Bush & Cheney have done nothing but obstruct justice in this matter and it’s time that they take responsibility for their actions, not simply by admitting their guilt and complicity, but by also being removed (or stepping down, I’m not fussy here) from office.

OK now, who’s with me?!…close your eyes, click your heels three times and repeat after me, “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”…I can dream can’t I?


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