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So what’s missing out there Stowe?

Posted by direwolff on May 2, 2006

Flew to LA today for the AlwaysOn OnHollywood conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. The hotel sits in a pretty seedy part of Hollywood as was described by someone, but I like to think of it as the character filled more edgy side of Hollywood. The Chinese Theatre is straight out of my hotel room window and its a veritable carnival out there w/some gal dancing on her own non-stop, musicians down a block or so from her, tourists by the dozens, all sorts of interesting costumed characters (wait, I see a Goofy handing out pamphlets of some sort), all-in-all a pretty crazy scene out there.

While having lunch, I noticed Stowe Boyd blogging away down the hotel bar from me and went over to introduce myself. Super nice guy and he’s apparently become a paid model recently. He pulled this off by auctioning his t-shirt-wear space to the highest bidders and is now booked w/logo’d t-shirts for the next 240 days. Too funny. He had very fond words for Tribe (wishing it was doing better), and more specifically for Mark Pincus.

After eating lunch I caught up w/him again and asked him the question, “so Stowe, what’s missing out there, or what have you seen that’s interesting, new and unique?”. He paused and explained per one of his previous posts (which I’ll refer to here after I find it on his site), that there are lots of clusters of so-called Web 2.0 applications. It feels like as soon as someone does something interesting several others rush to do the same stuff with incrememental differences. But it does seem like there’s lots of other stuff out there that no one has yet taken a crack at. The example he gave was accounting systems.

I loved it. Given that accounting systems do often require several people to interact w/them, enabling a distributed Web accessible accounting system does seem to make sense. Sure there are security issues, but no better no worse than what has to deal with. Perhaps even with a synching component if the company deemed a need to back-up its content locally as well as having it sit in the cloud. I thought this simple example was actually very insightful given how many small companies out there deal with accountants on a retainer basis and need them to regularly look over their bookkeeping entries. It would save both the accountants and the small companies time. For the accountants they could simply review reports electronically at will. For the companies, they’d save time in not having to print everything out or e-mail reports to the accountants.

I’m always amazed by what interesting information can get unearthed some times from asking the simple questions. Now time to get started working a hosted accounting system before a cluster emerges there too.


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